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REVELL ACRYLIC - Affinity Models


Extremely quick drying: The next coat of paint can be applied after a drying time of just one hour. The paint is fully dry after a further 2 to 3 hours.

The paints provide exceptionally good results on smooth surfaces. This means that with this paint the drawback of still being able to see brush strokes on the model - a characteristic most unpopular with modellers - is reduced to a minimum. After observing the specified drying times, it is possible to apply Aqua Color paints over Email Color paints and visa versa but these paints cannot be intermixed. Up to a certain ratio Aqua Color can be simply thinned with water. But if you want the paint to dry less quickly, we recommend using "Aqua Color Mix 2 in 1". This is a thinner that delays drying of the paint at the same time. it can also be used to thin the paint for airbrushing. In this way you can obtain a perfect paint finish without having to worry about the paint drying up in the spray gun. Depending on the spray gun and nozzle size used, the paint is thinned in a ratio of approximately 4 parts paint to 1 part Mix. 

The spray gun and any other working utensils can be simply cleaned with water, provided the paint has not already dried on. And if dried-on paint residue needs to be removed from time to time, this is taken care of by "Aqua Color Clean".

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